Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping the Colony Tracking sheet current

There are hundreds of registered colonies in Cook County.
This is me logging in information about each feral.

Google Docs allows me upload/email/print.
Submitted at least once per year
with updates on current colony number,
health, PAWS or a .org the
 volunteer is registered with.
This is needed for as long as the
 colony exists.If you move away
 you need to find a responsible
volunteer to take over.

Date of services, coloring/markings,F or M, spayed or neutered, 
 eartipped-YES, rabies #, microchip# and finally location found
That location info is important in case CACC collects the feral.
     (Chicago Animal Care and Control)
This is where the Animal Shelter Transparency Bill is most important,

This information is needed for tracking the success of TNR, colony health and
assists in returning the feral to it's location/feeding area if collected by a facility.
My name ,or any colony caretaker name, is absolutely private.
This tracking data is held by PAWS since I am registered
as a TNR Volunteer with PAWS CHICAGO. 
Tree House also performs this.
If , and it happens, that a feral I trapped and TNR'd is collected by
Chicago Animal Care and Control  the ear tip should be an indication
that feral has been through the program and in a managed colony.
NOT to be euthanized because ferals are often first to be put down and asap.
The micro chip will hopefully be scanned and PAWS or Tree House contacted.
With Colony Caretaker data stored  I will be contacted by PAWS with the microchip#,
I then find that #feral on my tracking data, retrieve the feral from the facility ,
return it to it's location. 

Most municipalities,counties and states data track and that is part of the
 great success of Trap Neuter Return.

Can you imagine a friend of a north shore Cook County Board Member
attempted to question the ordinance?
Ah yet is served TRAP NEUTER RETURN positively in the end.
Come to Chicago neighborhoods and see what an impact TNR has had.
In the end it was an embarrassment for the CC Board yet served the purpose 
of highlighting the incredible success of the ordinance and Trap Neuter Return.

The viral Smithsonian Cats Kill Birds study was found to be irrelevant as it
was taken from a 1972!A study that in itself was terribly inaccurate.
Brouhaha it was with the Cook County Board room packed inside and out with TNR Volunteers.

The data tracking serves ferals for many years to come.
 A neighbor family cared for a feral that lived to be 18 1/2 yrs!

Next needed in Chicago-Cook.
We need Feral Feeder Food Drives.
I suggest 3-4 events annually.

 I suggest calling an event : GO FERAL! a punk themed party.

A good percentage of colonies are fed by retired, unemployed and low income families.
We need 3-4 drives annually to assist with the growing number of managed Colony Feeders
Though I try I am often unable to assist a few feeders when they tell me "I ran out of dry food".
If I am unable to afford to help that week I  pilfer my 2 indoor cats supply of 'indoor specific food.
PAWS and a few others do not hand out supplies from their Food Pantry to Colony Feeders.


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